“My little nieces and nephews love it.  They call me and ask if they can come over and see my new fish.”  -Geri, on her built-in 125 gallon

“Our aquarium never looked as good as it has since you took over it’s maintenance!” -Jim, facilities director for senior nursing home care

“This tank looks so much better since you have been taking care of it.  I want you to move it out of my rec room to a room where I can see it more often.” – Chris, Brookfield resident

“Staff is no longer traumatized by forgetting to feed or retrieving dead things.” Jeanne, hospital adminstrator

“Our tank looks excellent.  I just wanted t call you to tell you how much everyone her appreciates your service.” Randy, senior home director

“…it’s that fish tank that really makes the room.” – mother of a customer(!)