Aquarium Design

Aquariums today are not just about the fish, but incorporating color ant the surrounding décor into the design.  There are various concepts that may be utilized to provide you with the best possible system for you.  We will work with you from design to installation.  We can accommodate most space requirements and suit any style.

In addition to traditional rectangular shapes, we can offer other spectacular looks.  Popular variations are hexagon, bowed-front, triangular corner, cylinders, cubes, and pentagons.  The most common setup is a stand alone.  We also design built-in tanks, room dividers, novelty tanks.

Aquarium Furniture

Enhance the beauty of your rooms with beautiful stained woodwork, color-coordinated laminates, metal, or faux stone material.  Our made to order cabinets can be designed to match any décor.

Our aquarium furniture not only look great, they also provide concealment of mechanical and electrical equipment.

Artificial Décor

Many of our aquariums contain beautiful designed decorations that provide a realistic environment.

We have relationships with companies that allow us to design in pre-fabricated reef inserts into our aquariums, which allows customers to have a better selection of fish.  They are life-like in detail and texture.